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Award-Winning Video Game Composer & Music Artist
Creator of OST Tabletop Music Companion
Co-Founder of Pillars of Sound


Simon (aka Grand Prize Big Fuzz) is an award winning Composer for video games, Music Artist & creator of OST TABLETOP MUSIC COMPANION APP. After winning AGDA Best Music award for RITE (2020), he has gone on to work with Immutable on GODS UNCHAINED, as well as RAINI on THE LORDS OF LIGHT, and created all the music and WWISE integration for his Tabletop Music App. 

His compositional process is highly collaborative and transparent so there are never any surprises (except the good kind). He specialises in Fantasy (High, Dark, Folk etc), Sci-Fi, Cyberpunk, 16-bit, Metal, Horror (Cosmic or otherwise) and Dystopian. 

Simon is always up for a new challenge and looks forward to hearing from you.




Guest on Live Booleans Podcast

Listen on Spotify, Apple & Anchor


Guest on Wwise Up on Air Podcast

Fri 22nd October 9am AEST


Won Best Music for the RITE Soundtrack at the AGDA Awards 2020


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Chris Eickelman

Co-Founder of Pillars of Sound
Previously Audio Director at Immutable

The first time I heard Simon's music, I immediately knew I wanted to work with him. Simon's work is absolutely bursting with character. Whether he's going for a detailed, complex orchestral arrangement, a more refined, nuanced chamber piece, or even a heart-pumping chiptune track, he blows me away every time. Even after months I still catch myself humming his tunes around the house. When I work with Simon I feel very included in his process. He doesn't hide or shy away from showing his work in the early stages, so the direction

and feedback I provide goes a lot further, resulting in a much more cohesive end result. His communication is impeccable, and not

once has he ever let me down

Daniel Freer

Project Leader and Founder of Pond Games 

I hired Simon to compose the soundtrack for my first commercial video game. Although the music I was after was quite different to much of his portfolio, he absolutely smashed it out of the park. Taking my feedback onboard and offering his own ideas along the way, Simon also takes the time to understand the world of the game and the intended emotions of the player. The resulted in a distinctive soundtrack that not only is a pleasure to listen to, but suits the game perfectly both stylistically and emotionally. I'm looking forward to working with Simon again for project no.2.

Stuart Sparrowhawk

Project Leader and Founder of Verius Games

We're a small indie company that needed a composer at a price that we could afford. Simon provided us everything we could have hoped for, with a professional work ethic and a willingness to stretch his capabilities for the sake of the final product.
We had over 50 composers under review before we settled on Simon. You will be hard pressed to find a better option on the market.

Tin Pang

Writer, Director

Simon is an incredibly generous and collaborative artist. Working with him is always such a joy, as he invites you to join him inside his musical mind to experiment, develop and discover new ideas.

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